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The Global Young Scholar Talent Search

At the Global Young Scholar Program we use time-honored methods to identify the best and brightest students. Do you qualify?

Talent Search Overview

We seek students who demonstrate exceptional academic potential. We use a variety of standardized exams, developed by us and by leading academic companies, to find students who are capable of work several years beyond their current grade level. Students who are identified through the Talent Search are recognized as Global Young Scholars.

The Exams

A two-step process takes you from ordinary student to Globlal Young Scholar.

The Global Young Scholar Talent Search

The Talent Search qualifies students for the Global Young Scholar progam. Join the Talent Search from home or at your school. Register for the Talent Search today.

Being A Global Young Scholar

Your comprehensive score report lets you know where you are stong and where you need improvement. It also suggests majors, colleges, and more.

Why Be A Global Young Scholar?

Self-knowledge and opportunities are the two most important reasons.

Contact Us

Got questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us! We're here to help.